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Sep 27, 2012 10:00pm EDT
lovely brown. i think i'd like you to leave now. why? 'cause i know that you're lying? mr. holmes! no. she is. you can tell by the crucifix. you fiddle with it every time i ask you a question. it's-it's pacifying behavior. it's just elementary haptic communication. just read a book, would you? she did see her attacker's face. sherlock! i think she might even know who he is! get out. you realize that because you protected him two years ago, you have the blood of an innocent woman on your hands, don't you? perhaps you'd like to go for two or three or four. that's enough! you're done here. go wait in the car. what a jerk! i'm... i'm really sorry about that. the name of the man who attacked her is peter saldua. he was her brother's best friend growing up. his father was abusive, so her parents took him in his senior year of high school. eileen heard from her brother that he works for a florist in chelsea. i knew it. i knew that if i started a row in there, you'd come to her defense, and if you came to her defense, she might very well tell you the truth. you are so full of it. (phone b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1